Library List I

LJ.1 5 Essentials in every Powerful Painting Romon Kelly Concepts of a Powerful Painting 2001 Oils/Canvas
LJ.2 A Closer Look Patrick Woodroffe Illustrations,Visions of Myth Making Images, 1986 Various
LJ.3 A Proven Strategy for Creating Great Art Dan McMcCaw Painting Using Contrasts 2002 Oil/Canvas
LJ.4 Airbrush Techniques Mark Riedy Reflective Surfaces Workbook #5 1988 Airbrush Practice
LJ.5 An Atalic Notebook Abraham Lincoln Calligrafree, Practice Sheets 1973 Pen
LJ.6 Artist's Photo Reference Flowers Gary Greene Floral Photos and 5 Painting Demos 1998 Photography and Text
LJ.7 Atlas of Foreshortening John Cody Nude Human Figure in Various Positions- Measurements 1925 1925 Photography
LJ.8 Berries Text: Mary Forsell Plant Photos , Berries, Recipes, & Decorations 1989 Photography and Text
LJ.9 Book of Fruit & Vegetables Bianchini & Corbetta Spectacular Illustrations by Marilena Pistoia   Illistrations in oil and ink
LJ.10 Cao Yong Cao Yong Freedom and Inner Peace 2005 Oil
LJ.11 Changing Seasons in Pastels Elizabeth Mowry Capturing Mood and Color 1994 Pastels
LJ.12 Children's portraits In Oil Wendon Blake Artist, George Passantino, Instruction Book 1980 Oil
LJ.13 Colored Pencil Explorations Janie Gildow Creative Approach 2003 Colored Pencils
LJ.14 Country Flowers Lee Bailey Floral Photos and bouquets, Gardens Spring/Fall 1985 Photography and Text
LJ.15 Creative Colored Pencil Vera Curnow Creative Approach 1995 Colored Pencils
LJ.16 Dance With Light Elizabeth Kincaid Create Light 2008 Watercolor
LJ.17 Decorative Painting Kathy Richie Fruit, Vegetables,and Berries Demo and Text 1997 Jo Sonja acrylics
LJ.18 Developing Ideas In Art Work M. Stephen Doherty Creative Process 1988 Variety, Pencil, Ink,Charcoal,
LJ.19 Dolls Text: Pamela Shere, Photography: Tom Kelly Antique Dolls 1992 Photographs
LJ.20 Drawing Course John Raynes Developing Drawing 2020 Drawing Mediums
LJ.21 Drawing The Head & Figure Jack Hamm Drawing 1963 Drawing Mediums
LJ.22 Drawing The Light From Within Judith Cornell Techniques/Creativity 1990 Drawing /Painting
LJ.23 Drawing the Living Figure Joseph Sheppard Anatomy, Bones,Muscles, Nude Figures 1984 Drawing
LJ.24 Dynamic Composition Frank Webb Strengthen Your Painting 1994 Watercolor
LJ.25 Dynamic Light And Shade Burne Hogarth Drawing 1981 Drawing Mediums
LJ.26 Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Watercolor Marian Appellof 21 WC Artist, Lessons, Techniques 1992 Watercolor
LJ.27 Flowers Irving Penn The Subject of Flowers, [Beautiful Close-ups] 1980 Photography & Text
LJ.28 Flowers Rediscovered Madderlake [shops], Captions by: April Bernard 175 Photographs on the Character of Flower 1985 Photography & Text
LJ.29 Gouache Pamela Kay Still Life, Florals,Drawings & Text 1995 Gouache
LJ.30 Hand Coloring Photography Laurie Klein Hand Coloring Black and White Photos 1999 Pencils,Acrylics, Oils,
LJ.31 Handtinting Photographs J.Martin & A.Colbeck Hand Tinting Photos, 1989 WC, Pencils,Dyes,Oils
LJ.32 Hawaii Leland Maiyano Florials ,Photograph by Douglas Peebles 1995 Photography
LJ.33 Hawaii Blossoms Dorothy & Bob Hargreaves Natural Colors of Blossoms [paperback] 1979 1979 Photographs
LJ.34 House That Faux Built Adrienne van Dorren Transform Your Home 2007 Paint, Plaster
LJ.35 How To Paint Portraits Roberta Carter Clark Guide in Painting life like Portraits 1990 Pencil, WC, Oil
LJ.36 Light For The Artist Ted Seth Jacobs Text On Light 1988 Variety
LJ.37 Make Watercolor Work Frank Nofer Master The Medium 1991 Watercolor
LJ.38 Make Your Paintings Look 3 Dimensional Brian Dunce Drawing and painting Forms 1994 Variety
LJ.39 Make Your WC. Look Professional Carole Katchen 17 WC Artist,Techniques & Secrets, 1995 Watercolor
LJ.40 Mastering the Craft of Painting Author: Angelo John Grado, Artist: Frank Reilly Frank Reilly's Instructions, Human Form, Color,Line 1985 Drawing and Oil
LJ.41 On Flowers Klrinman & Slavin Florials, Design, Poetry, Photograph 1998 Photography & Lyrical Text
LJ.42 One Stroke Painting Donna Dewberry Quick and Easy Designs 1998 Acrylics
LJ.43 Paint What You See Charles Reid Lessons, Critiques 1983 Watercolor/Oils
LJ.44 Painting Blooms & Blossoms Diephouse & Deptula Tecniques and Projects 2000 Acrylics
LJ.45 Painting Flowers Van Wyk The Study of painting, Define,Describe& Procedures 1985 Oil
LJ.46 Painting Flowers in Watercolor Louise Jackson Instructions/Projects 1997 Watercolor
LJ.47 Painting From Life Douglas Lew Painting the Human Figure Realistic to Abstract 2004 Watercolor
LJ.48 Painting In Oils Willian Palluth Beauty of Nature [paperback] 1984 Oil/Canvas
LJ.49 Painting Light & Shadows William B. Lawrence Techniques 1994 Watercolor
LJ.50 Painting Natures Quiet Places Thomas Aquinas Daly Mood, Light,Nature 1985 Watercolor
LJ.51 Painting People In Watercolor Alex Powers Design, Element,& Principles of a Portrait 1989 Watercolor
LJ.52 Painting the Head John Howard Sanden Step by Step how to achieve a likeness 1976 Oil
LJ.53 Painting The White of Your Paper Judi Wagner & Tony Van Hasselt Transparancy, Value, Mood,Underpainting 1994 Watercolor
LJ.54 Painting Towns & Cities Michael B. Edwards Instruction 1992 Variety
LJ.55 Painting WC From Photographs George Shook and Gary Witt Seperate Creative Art From Photograph 1992 Watercolor
LJ.56 Painting WC Portraits Al Stine 12 Demos Face to Figures 1997 Watercolor
LJ.57 Painting With Alkyd Wendon Blake Painting Ferdinand Petrie, Demos & Text 1982 Alkyd
LJ.58 Portraits In Oils Helen Van Wyk How To Paint Portraits Well 1983 Oil
LJ.59 Portraits Of Flowers Ann Reilly Floral [Close-ups ] 1990 Photography and Text
LJ.60 Secrets From A Master Author: Linda Cateura, Master Artist: David Leffel Leffel, Thinking, Process, Advice 1984 Oils/Canvas
LJ.61 Simon & Schuster's Roses Stelvio Coggiatti 200 Varieties Illustrated in Color [paperback] 1987 Photographs
LJ.62 Simplifying Complex Scenes In Watercolor Malcolm Beattie Techniques,Proje Simple Techniques 2003 Watercolor
LJ.63 Splash #3 Rachel Rubin Wolf 105 Watercolorists Ideas 1994 Watercolor
LJ.64 Successful Portrait Painting John Howard Sanden Portraiture Business and Career 1981 Oil
LJ.65 Tag Sales & Flea Markets Martha Stewart Tag-Sales, Finds, and Treasures 2002 Text/Photographs
LJ.66 The Art of Pastel Painting Alan Flattmann Instruction 1987 Pastel Crayons
LJ.67 The Carousel Animal Text: Tobin Fraley, Photography: Gary Sinick Carousel Survivors 1983 Photographs
LJ.68 The Decorative Painting Color Match Sourcebook Bobbie Pearcy Reference to Brands. Color, and Mixing Ratio 1997 Acrylics
LJ.69 The Drawing Course John Raynes Drawing Study, Composing & Shading 1983 Drawing Mediums
LJ.70 The Enter Eye Virginia Cobb Experimentation In Watercolor 1988 Watercolor
LJ.71 The New Spirit of WC Looks Professional Mike Ward 36 Watercolor Artists Techniques 1989 Watercolor
LJ.72 The Painter's Problem Book Author: Gloria Dawley, Artist:Joseph Dawley Problems and How to Solve 1973 Oil
LJ.73 The Watercolor Fix-It Book Toni Van Hasselt & Judi Wagner Creative Process 1992 Watercolor
LJ.74 Transparent Painting Techniques Judith Gordon Luminous Color,Study of Light 1992 Watercolor/Acrylics
LJ.75 Understanding Transparant WC Gerald F. Brommer Study of the Contradictory Medium 1993 Watercolor
LJ.76 Watercolor Go With The Flow Guy Lipscomb Under-painting,Color,Flow, Transparancy. 1993 Watercolor
LJ.77 Watercolor Pour It ON Jan Fabian Wallake Glazes, Textures 2001 Watercolor